It Works Body Wraps FAQ

It Works FAQ

It Works FAQ

There are some questions I get asked more then any others when speaking to potential customers about the It Works body wraps. Here are some of the most frequent. If you have a question that isnt answered here please call me at 208-573-4475

How Much Do The Wraps Cost?

A box of wraps costs $99 retail price, but you can get the wraps for just $59 for a box of 4 when you sign up as a loyal customer

Where Can I Wear The Body Wraps?

You can wear the It Works body wraps anywhere from the neck down, many people havegreat results with the wraps on their arms, thighs, buttox, and stomach, as well as on their neck.

How Long Do I Need To Wear The Wrap?

you wear each wrap for 45 minutes. Some peeople choose to wear the wrap for longer but doing so is totally unecessary.

Why Are There 4 Wraps in a Box?

There are 4 wraps in a box as 4 is considered a full treatment. One wrap every 3 days.

Can I Use The Body Wrap on My Face?

No, the It Works body wrap is not suitable for use on your face, however we do have the It Works facial which is dsigned especially for your face and can be used as often as you want, even daily to achieve tightening and toning for your face

How Long Do The Wrap Results Last?

The results from the body wraps are lasting, as long as you don’t counteract them through poor habits such as eating poorly or not excercising.

Do I Need To Keep Taking Hair Skin Nails To Keep Seeing Results?

Yes. Hair skin nails is a suppliment that helps provide your body with what it needs for good hair and nail growth, when you stop taking the suppliment your hair and nails continue to grow without those essential building blocks and the new growth will not be the same as the growth you experienced while taking the product.

How Do I Get The Loyal Customer Price?

To get the loyal customer price simply add the products you want to your cart and hit checkout, during the checkout process you will have the option of checking out as a retail customer or with autoshipment. Select “checkout with autoshipment” and you will be taken through the process to sign up as a loyal customer. Your discount will be applied immidiately.

I Want To Sell The Wraps, How Do I Become A Distributor?

If you would like to become a distributor please call or text me on 208-573-4475 to discuss joining, or click here to read more about the opportunity


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