The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 8 - WRAP IT, ROCK IT

The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 8

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The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 8


If you booze you snooze!

If you booze you snooze!

Week #8: If you booze, you snooze!

We are now going into the final stretch, five more weeks of tips! Have they been helping so far?

This week it was decided to stretch out Week 7 for a few more days, not only because there would be more relevance for the Week 8 tip during a Saturday, but also because it´s recommended beginning a new routine on the weekend.

Why? You may ask. Well, you are probably at home, away from work and stress. You tend to have more time on the weekend to build your new plan, diet or routine. You can also plan ahead if you are going to enjoy an evening out, to carefully select your beverages.

This is exactly what Week 8 is about, promoting health by cutting down your alcoholic beverages. As the piece clearly states, you have a lot to look forward to if you don´t drink alcohol such as a healthy sexual drive, liver and a youthful look.

You can have fun without drinks too! Take the challenge today and see how people interact, evaluate such how good you feel the next morning, but most importantly, take care of your body.

Until next week, have a safe and fun weekend everyone!

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