The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 12 - WRAP IT, ROCK IT

The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 12

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The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 12

Week 12

Probiotic Craze.


Week #12: Pro-biotic Craze.

Part of having a bikini ready body (no matter your body type or size), you need to work on healthy habits from the inside out. Pro-biotic rich enzymes, foods and beverages are an important part of a well functioning digestive system.

This means; less bloating a healthier digestive track and overall faster metabolism to keep you lean.  Pro-biotics are not only a craze, they have to become a way of living to see true results, they even help decrease chances of getting stomach cancer!

This week is about loving yourself from the inside out, which should always be the case, but it’s always good to have a focus and build a healthy habit.

Until next week!


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