The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 11 - WRAP IT, ROCK IT

The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 11

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The Bikini Body Calendar: Week 11

Week 11

Coo-Coo For Coconut Oil


Week #11: Coo-Coo For Coconut Oil

The list of benefits that come from using coconut oil are endless, these are just some of the most important.  Coconut oil made its debut a while back, but has been making a strong appearance in homes all over the world.  It´s no secret that using coconut oil helps with weight gain, lowering your bad cholesterol levels and increasing your energy, yet the uses are endless as from skin moisturizer to hair conditioner, it´s everywhere.

This and so many other reasons, coconut oil is this week’s recommendation, specifically for cooking, there are numerous delicious recipes you can find online.

Bon appétite!

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