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It Works Loyal Customer

It Works Loyal Customer

Becoming an It Works loyal customer is as easy as buying your favorite products from It Works.

As a Loyal customer you get;

  • Discount Prices on all purchases
  • Perks points on every purchase
  • Free shipping on all autoship orders after your 4th month


When you sign up as a loyal customer you are committed to placing an order every month for three months, but you can order anything from our entire product range, with no minimum spend. For Example you could order a box of wraps in month one ($59) Our amazing day cream, Preventage ($25) in month two, and our lip and eye cream ($29) in month three. You will receive all three products for just $113 plus shipping and handling. I think You’ll agree that’s a bargain!

To sign up as a loyal customer, all you need to do is click join now and choose the first product you want from the online store. When you check out you will be given the option of buying at retail price, or checking out with autoshipment. Select the autoshipment option and your discounts will be applied. It’s that simple. After you have signed up you can log into at any time to change your prouct selection for the month.

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